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Daily Blessings Issue #164 -- The Breath of God
March 06, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Breath of God

Now the breath of God moves freely between dimensions. The realms of spirit and the realms of physical matter have become joined fully in the eternal Oneness. God and all the Realms of Light celebrate this opening which will make possible the fullest and most complete union of All That Is with the world of form.

This spiritual event was brought about through God's plan and the work of many lightworkers, teachers, Masters, and of Christ whose physically manifested presence has allowed this joining to occur. Now as the heavens celebrate what has been accomplished, all those hearts who long for God's love and God's blessing can begin to be satisfied in a new way.

The coming times will bring much transition, for individuals and for nations. All that has been separated from God's heart and God's oneness will be brought into balance and harmony. Times of transition bring both blessings and challenge, and a greater pace of accelerated change will begin to manifest soon.

For all souls who seek healing, who long for God's love, and who long to be freed from the bondage of depression, despair, darkness and fear, the time of fulfillment is now in motion. Prepare to receive God's holy love and Light into your heart, mind, body, and consciousness.

The arrival of the new is anticipated and longed for by many hearts and by those in the spiritual realms that have worked for eons to bring into being this time that has just begun. Just as you would await with anticipation the return of a loved one home, so it is that at this time that preparations can now begin to prepare to receive the beloved that is God into your own heart.

For your beloved, whom you have not seen in a very long time, it is natural and joyful to prepare yourself to receive their arrival. Your house has been cleaned, a room is prepared and you are dressed in your finest. The table has been set and all is ready and waiting. You have invited guests to share with you in the blessing of this time, and so it is with God.

We invite you at this time to prepare your hearts for a new arrival; the arrival of God's blessing at a new level of your life that was not previously possible. Use this time to clear away all that is not needed, so that when the time comes to greet your Beloved, a space is prepared, and the table is ready. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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