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Daily Blessings Issue #165 -- The Birth of the New
March 08, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Birth of the New

The transformation of the Earth, and of all beings incarnated upon her, is moving into a new phase now. The outward manifestation of this new phase is not yet able to be visible, however the vibrational, spiritual and cosmic manifestations of this new time have already begun to show themselves.

Some lightworkers, teachers and Masters on the Earth have already begun to experience this new level of quickening. Others will begin to experience this as the process moves into greater momentum. What does this mean for you, and for all faithful souls who long to connect more deeply with God's love?

We offer this information as a guidepost, to help you navigate in the times ahead. First, with the new light that has manifested within physical matter on the Earth, there will be more powerful manifestations of the process of purification. The light of God now infuses physical matter, which creates a separation between energies of light and darkness that exist within the Earth, and within the bodies and consciousness of those on the Earth.

This process is akin to shining a brighter light upon an old room. In the previous light, the room looked clean and orderly. The new level of light illuminates areas of the room that were not as clean as they looked, and also brings into fuller illumination the entire balance of the room. With the new light, one may see that room should be re-arranged, and certain objects removed. One may also see areas that need more attention and care. The entire room is seen in a new way.

The process of purification manifests both individually and globally, and so the greater light will accelerate world events, as the energies of darkness manifest upon the Earth will be able to be brought into the light and transformed.

Secondly, with the quickening of the process of purification, new choices will be made available to all. A new way of life will begin to reveal itself, which has not previously been visible to consciousness. This new way will be first seen and felt by a few. Later on more will be able to feel the inner call of the heart to awaken. The gift of choice is one of God's greatest, and so all souls will have the choice of whether to enter the new doorway that begins to open for them.

This new doorway of awakened consciousness will transform humanity's understanding of all things. It will be as though a curtain has been parted, enabling a fuller and more complete embodied experience of God's reality. This time is beginning now, and you are an integral part of this awakening. Though there are forces that will attempt to disrupt this awakening, it has already begun in a small, but powerful new stream of Light and consciousness. This small stream will grow and one day will become a mighty current of transformation that will sweep through the Earth and infuse all beings with the full consciousness and awareness of God's reality.

We bless all who are on this journey with us, and thank you deeply for your work in the world. To hold a planetary awareness is to understand that you are precious, sacred, and an integral part of God's whole creation. The healing that you receive and offer to others, is done of behalf of all of humanity. The energies of darkness you transform within you are transformed for all of humanity. So it is that all beings will one day know and feel their beloved God. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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