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Daily Blessings Issue #101 -- Going Beyond Your Limits
November 02, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Going Beyond Your Limits

At this time, we ask all those reading these messages to meditate deeply upon what is being asked of you by God.

There are numerous and urgent situations of need in the world today. There are more than enough resources and caring people to help in these situations, but what is required first is a change in consciousness, and the willingness of humanity to go beyond old limits, or what are perceived as limits.

The old separated consciousness that humanity used to operate with is no longer helpful during these current times. However it is human nature to cling to the old, even when the tides of change sweep away what is familiar.

We ask you now at this time to release from within yourself whatever old habits in your life, or in your consciousness, that prevent you from fully being present to your fellow human beings at this time.

It is common to have many difficult feelings in response to what is transpiring in the world. There are those who are feeling overwhelmed by this, and paralyzed by inaction. Others have closed their hearts to the suffering around them, because it feels like too much to bear.

We see this manifested in the dulled response to the huge and growing tragedy in Pakistan, where the lack of funds for relief efforts has slowed response in this most difficult situation.

Daily the situation grows more urgent for those refugees who are now struggling with lack of shelter in the freezing cold winter. This lack of supplies and funds which is a manifestation of the lack of full response from the global community means certain death for thousands of people.

It is easy to find ourselves overwhelmed, and with feelings of helplessness in this situation. It is important to be aware of your feelings, and yet to have the willingness go beyond them at this time.

Go beyond the fear and pain, to find your faith. Go beyond the desire to hide and run from the realities, by taking one small action that can help. Go beyond the limits of your own heart, by asking God to grow your heart larger, to love more.

Each soul on the Earth can have an impact, a positive and precious effect on the world, which can support those in need.

First what is needed is consciousness, the willingness to stand with those who are suffering. This cannot happen if the heart is closed or if you are feeling overwhelmed.

If you feel overwhelmed, what is needed is an anchoring in your relationship with God. Take your pain, your fear to God, in prayer. Ask how your heart can be opened more. Ask how you can be of service to Him and His children. Ask how the blessings that you have received can be shared to help those who are struggling.

Next, bring your prayers and your consciousness to those who are suffering. Your simple awareness and love can bring such comfort and blessings to those in need. Know that every loving thought you send, every prayer, is deeply felt and appreciated by God and by those who are guiding and supporting these difficult situations.

By opening your heart, by being willing to go beyond the limits of your own individual personal self, you begin to open yourself to God's reality that we are all One, that we are all connected, and that you are an important and integral manifestation of God here on the Earth at this time. You have an important part to play in the world, and in the times ahead. You chose to be here for this.

Your willingness to go beyond your limits opens you to the reality of living life with a planetary consciousness, one that sees all beings as One with itself, one that loves fully and completely, without fear and without the need to protect oneself.

Planetary consciousness is evolving among humanity, and it grows through loving relationships of the heart where God's love is shared freely in the service of the awakening and healing of all of humanity.

Now is the time to free yourself from your limitations, from your fears, and to step up fully and completely to the task that God has given you. Your work day to day makes a difference to all those around you.

There are some souls who are called for specific forms of spiritual service who are now being activated and empowered so their work can begin. There are other souls who have been working tirelessly in service to God for many years, who are being asked to shed old identities and open to new ones.

God speaks through the heart, through your dreams, your intuitions, through your feelings. God speaks during your quiet times, your time of meditation and prayer. Make space every day to hear God speaking to you, so that you can receive His guidance.

All are called to awaken at this time, to the joyful and blessed reality of God's love which is about to manifest more fully on the Earth. You have an integral part, and we ask with all love and gratitude that you listen fully and deeply to how God is guiding your life.

We give greatest thanks for your presence with us, and for your spiritual commitment and your love. May all be blessed with God's most holy love. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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