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Daily Blessings Issue #082 -- Affirmation of the Light
October 04, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Affirmation of the Light

In the presence of great difficulty there is a tendency of the human heart to despair. What nourishes the flow of God's Light both within and without is the affirmation of God's love, God's goodness and God's Light.

This affirmation creates a pathway through difficulty, towards the desired outcome. Whether it be greater peace, greater love, greater harmony or greater abundance, your steadfast connection with hope creates a line of Light that will bring this into manifestation.

Affirm God's love and Light within your heart and soul, no matter what the outer circumstances. Pray for this and stay connected to God in your heart. You will find your way and be led by ways you know not to that which your heart and soul most longs for.

May all beings be blessed. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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