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Daily Blessings Issue #117 -- Acknowledging What Is
November 29, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Acknowledging What Is

The test of a spiritual life comes when one is confronted with those things which the heart knows are wrong. All beings are created with an inborn, cellular understanding of the harmony of life, which is a natural moral and ethical understanding.

Over time, through the immersion in a consciousness that has been separated from the experience of God's love, this natural moral sense becomes dulled. People learn to ignore the promptings of their heart; they learn to make compromises and to justify wrong action.

This behavior can be seen extensively in the world today, and for many spiritually aware souls, it causes despair and discouragement to view such widespread departure from what the heart knows as truth.

During this time when so much negativity is manifesting upon the Earth, it is important to remain faithful to God. Slipping into anger and blame simply magnifies the energies of darkness which can so easily grip consciousness and create the experience of despair.

There is a pathway that has been created by the holy one known as Christ Jesus whose life and death was a living expression of God's love and forgiveness. For even in His greatest, most unimaginable suffering, He did not rise up in anger against those who were attacking him. Instead, He prayed for their forgiveness, and stayed faithful to God.

Jesus' holy gift to the world continues to this day, for all beings to connect with and be blessed by, so that we may learn how to love as God loves.

At this time it is important to acknowledge with truth the wrongdoing that we see around us. Hiding, or pretending that it doesn't exist, serves only to close down the heart. Acknowledging and seeing what is allows God's life to move in a situation, whereas denial closes down and stops the energy.

For some, opening your eyes fully to see the reality of a situation may bring up many painful feelings of fear, shock, outrage, and grief. It is important to experience these feelings with God, and in relationship to God, so that you do not feel alone in your experience. At this time, it may also be helpful to connect with those spiritual supports in your life that bring comfort and help you to feel God's love.

As you enter the last days of 2005, open your awareness fully to what God is asking of you at this time, so that you may enter the new year of 2006 with a fresh perspective and new possibilities.

May all beings be blessed. May all beings know and feel peace. May all beings be nurtured with God's holy love. Amen.

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