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Daily Blessings Issue #138 -- The Acceleration of Light
January 21, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Acceleration of Light

At this time there is a large influx of God's Light, moving into the atmosphere of the Earth and infusing all beings on the Earth with a higher vibration than was previously possible. For some, this acceleration is bringing a quickening of spiritual experience, spiritual awakening and the opening of new possibilities. For others, the greater Light is acting as the sword of truth, cutting through previously held illusion and self deception, and bringing forward the release of long held, intractable energies of separation and darkness. It is a time of awakening of all kinds, both to God's love and also to God's truth.

Some are being asked to see themselves in a new way, to look more honestly within to determine where there remains fear, anger, and the desire for power rather than for God's love. At the same time, these energies of awakening are bringing forward the inner, felt experience that we are souls, always connected with God and with All That Is and the One-ness of all creation. The liberation of the self from the bondage of separation, fear and darkness is at hand, and all beings on the Earth are being affected by the higher frequencies of Light being sent forth now to the Earth.

This Light is now able to manifest more strongly as the result of patient and steadfast preparation and work by those in the spiritual realms and on the Earth who have dedicated themselves to this task. The Light now is like a trickle, a small stream being sent forth from the heart of God to all beings, and received joyfully by those ready hearts who hunger and thirst for God's love. Eventually this small stream will grow to become a mighty torrent, a current of sweeping proportions that will carve out a new path for all of humanity.

The tiniest insect, the smallest of creatures are affected by this new influx of God's Light. The Earth herself is being transformed by this higher vibration which is now liberating a pre-encoded transformational sequence that has lain dormant for eons within the center of her body since she was first created.

It is important during this time to not fear the changes that are happening and that will happen. This is difficult for the human self which resists change and is concerned for personal safety, but it is not difficult for the soul which carries within itself the deep understanding of the importance of these times, and the reason and purpose for your presence and participation in it. All souls are being helped now to go deeply within to find their connection with God and with their divine purpose. This help is readily available to all those who wish it, who pray sincerely and ask with humility for God's grace, and who create a sacred space within their lives to receive that which God is giving.

At this time more than ever, a regular quiet time of prayer is important and essential to attuning to the higher frequencies of light that are being sent. For those that find this difficult due to distractions, we recommend a group practice which strengthens the Light that is possible to receive and also creates a supportive environment of comfort, for all souls at this time are challenged and need the love and support of their brothers and sisters. All of humanity are One family, and will become even more so in the times ahead. Sharing from the heart with like minded and like hearted souls will go a long way to help each one individually to take the steps needed to move forward in the transformation process.

At this time there are souls who are not able to feel the acceleration of Light, but are experiencing an acceleration of darkness. Within the process of purification, the higher frequencies of light penetrate entrenched and previously unconscious patterns of separation, fear, anger, and negativity. This process can be highly distressing to the soul that loves God, and it is important during this time to seek and find spiritual support that will help to anchor God's reality in daily life, and in relationships. In this way the process of purification can be held and seen for what it is, as process of liberation from separation. For the darkness to be released, it must be made conscious so that it can pass out of the unconscious into the Light of God. These patterns within have been most painful, most unbearable, most entrenched, are now being given God's Light so they can finally be fully and completely healed.

Purification cannot be done alone, it is a partnership of the soul with God, and so it is important to bring one's suffering to God, and to allow the feelings to pass through into consciousness so that they are no longer held buried within. The heart of God holds all souls who are walking this path with infinite tenderness, and vast unimaginable love. Remember this love, and focus your attention on it at all times. Your burdens will be lifted and your path will clear, the way will be opened before you.

We wish at this time to also support those souls who have taken upon themselves the task of supporting the physical purification of the Earth. As the light body of a person becomes more purified and more able to receive the higher frequencies of God's divine Light, these souls who have elected for this task act as both receivers and transmitters of spiritual Light which then travels into the physical dimensions and into the physical body of the Earth herself. As physical matter begins to change vibration, the energies of density and darkness are released from the Earth, and are absorbed by those souls who have elected for this task. This divine and holy partnership between the spiritual realms and the physical realms ensures that the full spiritualization of matter can occur in accordance with God's plan for the Earth.

There is much occurring now that has never happened before, and so it is important for all of humanity to release preconceived notions of what is possible. New possibilities are being opened now, so that new solutions can be found to previously intractable and unsolvable problems. It is for this that we all are here, those in the spiritual realms and those on the Earth that work with us to usher in a new era for all of humanity. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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