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Daily Blessings Issue #077 -- The Acceleration of Light
September 26, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Acceleration of Light

The presence of God's Light is increasing in intensity and force on the Earth. This is in response to the many prayers of loving souls, as well as to assist the Earth herself in her vibrational transformation process.

All beings on the earth are being affected by this holy Light. Light workers may notice an increase in unusual physical symptoms, and there are those whose purification process is accelerated by the onset of physical illness. It is important to note that both of these occurrences are related to greater amounts of God's Light manifesting, but the way to respond to these is very different.

The manifestation of unusual transformational symptoms related to greater Light is most often happening among Light workers who have already undergone significant purification and cleansing. These symptoms have a unique quality that is usually able to be perceived as separate from physical illness.

The ones who are experiencing these most often have a working familiarity with their own physical and energy bodies, and are able to perceive this as such. Those who are experiencing these types of symptoms are also guided through the openness of their intuition towards those supports that can help them to be more comfortable.

The manifestation of physical illness is another matter. At this time physical illness most often is occurring for those on the Earth who may not have previous experience with the process of purification. The illness is sent as a "wake up call" to assist the person in making an accelerated leap forward spiritually.

Physical illness is a doorway that can bring the soul into greater alignment with God, and must be seen as such. It is not helpful or useful to place blame for the illness on outside influences. This places the focus outside of the self, rather than within where the true origins of illness reside. (See Our Sacred Bodies )

Much love is required for those undergoing the trials of physical illness. The healing process must be undertaken with humility and surrender to God's will, and the willingness to look deeply within, with love and truth to receive the spiritual teaching that is being offered through this experience.

We will share more on these topics for those who wish, for the loving care towards the physical body is most important at this time. God's holy temple was created in His image for all beings to come to know God's love fully and completely, on all levels.

We bless your healing and transformational work, and send our love to all who are participating with us in this wondrous opening of God's Light on the Earth.

May all beings be blessed.
May all beings be filled with God's holy love and presence. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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