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Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance, Issue #009 -- Trusting The Body
June 28, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Trusting The Body

Walking on the path of true spiritual transformation requires not only faith in God, but faith in all of God's life and all of God's creations.

Your physical body is one of God's most marvelous creations. It allows you the freedom to exist within the realms of space and time, and to develop and refine your own unique consciousness and vibration. The physical body is not an agent of limitation, as you may think, it is an agent of liberation and transformation.

Your body contains within itself the seeds of all that is needed to bring you Home to God. Trust your body, and the innate wisdom and intution and consciousness it contains. Learn from your body, and trust the flow and energy and life that it is tapped into.

May all beings receive healing. May all beings receive nourishment of body and spirit. May all beings come to know the sacredness of God's life within themselves. Blessed be the life of all beings on the Earth. Amen.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

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