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Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance, Issue #004 -- Release The Past
June 22, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Release The Past

The present moment contains within it everything you need for complete healing. Your inner being knows how to flow effortlessly into the future, unencumbered by that which is no longer needed.

It is the ego, or personality self that holds on, attempts to keep static that which is ever changing and ever transforming.

Life's gift is in the freedom at each moment to let go of the past and to embrace with an open heart the unknown of the present moment.

Your heart contains within it all the strength required to live in freedom - by allowing completely this flow of letting go and opening, which is like the ocean.

Breathe in the new life. Breathe out - all that has passed. Let go of all within you that no longer serves God's Love in this moment.

May all beings be comforted. May all beings be released from suffering. May all beings be redeemed. May all beings know and feel God's healing and love.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

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