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Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance, Issue #023 -- Handling Discouragement
July 14, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Handling Discouragement

The moment you are in on Earth is a difficult one. As greater Light has enetered the Earth's energy field, all beings upon her are affected by this quickening. The Light is being sent to help the Earth to move forwards towards becoming a sacred and holy planet.

God's Light brings greater love and peace and comfort, so more people than ever before are experiencing a spiritual awakening. God's Light is also like a flashlight, illuminating the darkness and the hidden, forgotten corners of consciousness that have become separated from Him.

This process of planetary purification is moving to a new level of intensity this year. As the presence of Light grows stronger, the darkness become exposed. Thus we see so many horrors being perpetrated, many in the name of sacred ideas such as God and freedom. These terrible acts are the expression of the energies of darkness which brings fear, despair, and doubt of God's reality into the consciousness of humankind.

These energies seek to separate you from what your heart knows as truth. These energies can even cloud perception so that you forget what you are doing in your spiritual path. These negative energies will resonate with parts of you that are not firmly anchored in God's love.

In these times, it is very important to learn how to recognize these energies and how to separate from them in your consciousness. When you experience strong feelings of fear, despair, discouragement, anger at God, and so on, take a moment to breathe. Yes, literally stop what you are doing. Close your eyes. Focus on your heart and take a breath. Now pay attention to your breath and breathe in with a prayer, that these negative energies be transformed.

It is helpful during these times to remember that you are not your emotions. When faced with negative emotions, it does no good to run from them. This only gives them fuel to grow. What helps them to transform is first to pay attention - notice the feelings and what they are. Observe, but do not become immersed in them. Do not lose sight of God. Be with your feelings with God. Then pray and pray for these energies to be transformed. Pray deeply from your heart.

Then, move on to whatever practical tasks are before you in your life. Once you have brought consciosuness and prayer to these energies, focus your attention outward on helping another person, on contributing your love and Light to the world.

God will lead you through the valley of the shadow of death to the other side if you let Him. Be with Him in your pain. Do not give power to discouragement, despair, fear, anger. These energies seek to separate you from from your heart and your love.

The world needs your Light and love and truth - we ask you to join with us during this moment on Earth to be one of the many Light bearers who are present to help during this challenging transition.

May all beings be comforted. May all beings know God's love and truth. May all beings be blessed. Amen.


Today's guidance from the tarot is the 5 of wands. This card depicts a struggle among 5 people who are fighting amongst themselves, each trying to be in control of the situation. This card encourages us to be aware of our inner and our outer conflicts, and to become conscious of which parts of ourselves do we want to give power to.

This card is a symbol of the inevitable confrontation between energies, and people, that happens before a new level of balance is reached. This conflict requires a steadfast commitment to truth and to love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it always triumphs. Energies of anger, blame, resentment, and opposition, always create more separation and division.

As Light bearers, and bringers of peace, we can choose to interrupt the cycle of blame, anger and fighting by bringing our focus to God. We can choose to take responsibility for our own negativity, rather than focus our attention and blame on that of others. We can bless and love and forgive those we are in conflict with. We can choose to become the solution, rather than contribute to the problem.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

Copyright 2005

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