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Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance, Issue #021 -- God's Light
July 12, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

God's Light

As we mentioned yesterday, many people do not yet have a felt experience of God's reality and God's presence in their lives. There are some simple ways that you can begin to open yourself to receiving God's Light into your heart, body, mind, and consciousness.

First you need a sincere longing and desire in your heart. Many souls who have traveled many lifetimes on Earth carry within themselves mixed motivations. One part of the self deeply longs to return home to God's love and Light. Another part of the self does not want this love and Light, and instead would prefer any number of other things as more important - power, control, the attainment of practical and material goals, sensual pleasures and so on.

To experience the reality of God's love and Light, it is necessary to want this, and long for this, and ask and pray for this sincerely. If you struggle with the conflict of mixed motivation, you can ask for help with this as well. Ask and pray to want God more than you want other things.

God is a loving God who gives his children free will and choice. He will not forsake you or abandon you. Ask God to send his holy Light and healing love to you. Ask sincerely and with deep emotion, and your prayer will be answered.


Today's guidance from the tarot is the 7 of swords, which is a symbol of our separated consciousness - that part of ourselves that doesn't believe that we will receive what we need from God. The card depicts a rather humorous picture of a man stealing the swords and sneaking away from where he got them, with a self satisfied expression on his face. He believes he is alone. He is proud of himself for figuring out a way to get what he needs. He doesn't understand that his sneaking and stealing from others will eventually come back to cause more suffering for himself. What we put out into the world comes back to us (as ye reap so shall ye sow).

We are all familiar with this feeling of fear, it is a part of the experience of being in a human body. We don't know how we are going to get what we need, and if we are afraid sometimes we make what are not the best choices. This card suggests that we see clearly and compassionately this part of ourselves that feels separated from God and that doesn't trust that we will be able to have what we need.

See how this part of yourself informs the choices that you make each day. See this part of yourself with love and truth, free from judgement. Send this part of yourself compassion and love ... much as you would a lost child who has forgotten how to get home. Remember that God's love is so much stronger than any fear that we carry. We ask that God's love come to heal and comfort this part of ourselves, so that we may rise in faith and strength to be fully we are and who God wants us to be.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

Copyright 2005

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