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Daily Blessings Issue #127 -- God's Truth
December 21, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

God's Truth

The truth of God's love is a profound, felt experience in the heart, and body and consciousness. God's truth is not a concept, but a reality. To trust in God at all times, and to experience God's truth in the heart, one must first discover the original innocence with which the soul was created.

Each precious soul created by God carries within itself the remembrance, the knowing and the certainty of this love. God's love created the soul and is a living, breathing moment to moment presence within the soul and within the human, embodied self, which is a physical expression of the soul.

Each cell of your physical body is a divinely inspired expression of God's love for you, that you may know and experience the gifts, the blessings and the lessons of material form. What a precious and profound gift, that God's truth already resides within you!

The journey to remembrance, to re-awakening, is also a precious gift that uplifts not only each one that undertakes this journey, but also uplifts all of humanity. Each soul that comes home to God opens another ray of God's Light upon the Earth, and opens another doorway through which other souls may follow.

This divine doorway created by spiritual awakening opens the pathway for all beings to become closer to God. The vibrational frequencies of Light that accompany spiritual awakening transform physical matter and transform consciousness.

You, dearest reader, and all those who join with us in this process, are active participants in this divine and holy spiritualization of physical matter. One day all beings incarnated upon the Earth will know and feel and experience God's love directly, and the beginnings of this awakening have already manifested and will continue to manifest.

We ask for faith in the coming year, as 2006 will bring a stronger manifestation of earth changes, as the energy body of the Earth comes into a greater alignment with higher dimensions and frequencies of Light. These changes will support the awakening of the collective heart of humanity, bringing to consciousness the deep understanding that we all are One.

Our work also will be moving to a new level in 2006, and we will take a short recess from sending the Daily Blessings messages so that those who receive and distribute them may complete their transitions that will allow a new level of Light to begin to manifest on the Earth and in the spiritual realms.

In 2006 our messages will resume, and during this short recess we wish you all of God's love, blessings, comfort, strength faith and hope. We thank you deeply for your presence with us and for your spiritual works in the world, which support the awakening of all of humanity. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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News Update - The Daily Blessings will take a short recess from December 21 until the first week of January, as we are in the process of moving our home and office during this time. Our News Updates page will share additional news items during this time. Love and blessings to you!

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