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Daily Blessings Issue #094 -- God's Timing
October 21, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

God's Timing

There is a natural flow of events unfolding right now, one that has a rhythm and timing that is in harmony with God's plan for the Earth. This timing is not related to the human perspective and way of perceiving time, and therefore can be frustrating for those who are awaiting the advent of greater Light and greater love on the Earth.

Much of what we see now is related to the process of purification as it unfolding on both the individual and global levels. The greater intensity of God's Light is illuminating and drawing forth energies of darkness and separation from God, that were previously hidden or unconscious.

There are times when the purification process itself can bring about feelings of hopelessness of despair, feelings that are not the reality of the situation but are based on past experiences and traumas of the soul.

During these times it is helpful to have spiritual support present in your life, so that these energies can be understood in their proper context, and so that hope and strength can be maintained.

Spiritual support is guided from the heart, for it is the heart that calls out to God for help. You will be drawn to those that carry the vibrations of healing most needed at this time for your own healing process.

If you are seeking spiritual support, the most important thing is a clear longing in your heart for healing. The clarity of longing, combined with your sincere prayer, will draw to you the right people and situations that can provide you with the spiritual support that you need.

It is important to understand that God's plan for the Earth is a flowing and dynamic process in which all souls participate. God's timing also flows, according to this dynamic interaction and relationship of souls. In this way, God's plan for the Earth is manifested in the arena of physical form, in time and space, in mysterious and miraculous ways that are not understood with the mind, but are understood with the heart.

The heart understands ands can feel God's love, and this is important to focus on during these times. Make space in your life to feel God's love and to share it. God's love heals all and comforts all, and renews all. God's love is a gentle balm during turbulent times, and is present for all souls who wish to receive it.

May all beings receive God's holy love and blessing, Amen.
Copyright 2005

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