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Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance, Issue #027 -- Gods Love Heals
July 19, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Gods Love Heals

God's love is the most powerful force in all of creation. God's love created the Earth and all of physical manifestation. God's love can heal any hurt or disappointment or trauma, and can uplift even the saddest and most broken of hearts.

So many people are not yet aware God's love because they are not yet able to feel it. However the time has come now when more of God's love can be felt in a tangible way. All that is needed is a sincere and heartfelt longing to feel God's love, and to experience more of God's love in one's life.

We who send these messages send you much love along with the words of the message, so that you may begin to experience this joyous reality that you are beloved by your Creator.

If at any time in your day, you forget that you are beloved by God, simply stop for a moment, placing your hand over your heart, and breathe deeply. Ask and pray for God's love to be present within your heart, and affirm God's love lives within me.

God's love heals all hurts. Your spirit will flourish and expand as you receive more deeply His holy blessing.

May all beings see and feel themselves as beloved by God. May all beings be blessed. May all beings be at peace. Amen.

Karmic Rebalancing

Today's guidance from the tarot is the Justice card, which is one of 21 cards within the tarot that represent major steps in the soul's development. It is the first "major" card we've received since I began the World Blessings messages, and is significant for this reason. (The other 56 cards in the tarot are symbols of how the soul's lessons are carried out within daily life.)

The Justice card is also known as "Adjustment" in some tarot decks. It is the a symbol of a major, important moment of rebalancing in your life and in your soul. The picture shows a queen seated on a throne with the sword of truth in one hand and the scale of justice in the other hand.

This card is a symbol of what is known in some traditions as the law of cause and effect, or karma. This is how God teaches us that we are all one. The actions, words, thoughts and energy that we put out into the world, both positive and negative, come back to us. Many spiritual traditions have teachings about this, such as "What ye reap, so shall ye sow" and "learn to walk a mile in another man's moccasins" .

God's rebalancing is always sent to a soul with the positive intention of helping that soul to learn, to grow and to become a more perfect expression of their own unique, beautiful divine self. This soul level of adjustment is sent in God's divine timing when we are ready to receive it. This process can be intense, and is intended to help the soul to make an important step forward towards healing and wholeness.

If we have been living our lives out of balance, God's love and mercy sends us the opportunity to be made whole again, by restoring divine harmony and balance to our body, mind and spirit. If we have been living a long while with tribulation and difficulty, God's rebalancing can bring more ease and blessing.

The Justice card asks us to trust and flow with the changes that are about to happen in our lives, to hold God's hand firmly and securely and to go deeply within ourselves to find our faith, so that we can be made new within this divine process of spiritual re-alignment.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

Copyright 2005

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