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April 2008

Springtime For the Soul

    Springtime for the soul brings with it the beginning of new possibilities for awakening, and for realizing the greater expression of the deeper self on all levels of manifestation.It uncovers dormant perceptions and allows them to flourish in the new warmth...Read Article

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From Alpha to Omega - The Purpose of History

    'Alpha' and 'Omega' - Christian symbols that carry with them essential features of the Christian mysteries, belong not only to the Book of Revelation and its prophesies concerning the Christ. They also belong to the world at large and to its need to develop... Read Article

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The Nature of Sacred Relationships

    All relationships need love in order to flourish. Whether it be within a marriage, a family, a community, a government, or a corporate Board room, without the bond of love being present, individuals cannot feel their oneness with others and cannot sufficiently... Read Article

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Spiritual Awakening and the Reshaping of Identity

    There are certain times in life when one wishes that the limitations of self could be other than they are, and that the personal characteristics and attitudes that have been troublesome in the past could simply disappear.Often, efforts of will to eradicate... Read Article

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What Is Spiritual Purification?

    Spiritual purification is not an intellectual process, but one that is initiated by the creative power of light - the very force of Creation that was manifested at the beginning of time and that furthers Divine intention throughout time.Spiritual light travels... Read Article

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Disillusionment and Hope

    The complexity of the human heart allows us to hope for something and to expect that we will be disappointed in it at the same time, to maintain ideals, and believe that they will never be realized at the same time. Holding these dual views defines the nature... Read Article

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Coming Together in the Light

    Joining with others in the Light creates an energy which fosters individual healing and planetary transformation. It can help release the mind from its singular hold on the perception of reality. Read Article

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The Need for a New Ethic in American Presidential Campaigns

     America's love for a display of might and power, of triumph over the adversary, and of a 'winning strategy', is not only evident in her foreign policy and conduct of war, but also in her presidential campaigns. Here, aggression, while disapproved of by many... Read Article

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