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February 2008

The Effect of Spiritual Light on the Presidential Election

    Spiritual light has to do with three central things, among others: 1) heightening the capacity for empathy and love and the desire to share love, 2) bringing into greater awareness a sense of truth and an increasing sense of what only masquerades as truth... Read Article

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America's Future - One Nation 'Under God' and What It Could Mean

    Scattered throughout human history, are travesties of all kinds imposed on human beings 'in the name of' God. This has been the dark side of religion - of many religions and religious doctrines - that while they claimed to worship the Divine Source of being... Read Article

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The Mind and the Heart in America's Political Campaigns

    We have, in this country, a tradition of leadership that aims to appeal both to the intelligence of the 'common man', and also to the heart within each person that assesses character and that decides upon voting behavior. For most people, such decisions are... Read Article

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The Resurgence of Hope and What This Means for You

    We have entered into a new planetary cycle that is already beginning to manifest some of the greatly needed changes that have been long awaited by so many faithful souls who have worked to build a better world. Read Article

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The Desire For Change And The Fear Of Change In America

    The choice lies before us this year - the opportunity to choose a different way. Not just a different policy, but a different consciousness, a different set of values. One way makes changes on the surface of things but maintains the status quo. The other... Read Article

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Is America Ready for Gentleness?

    We have, in this country, an understanding of the power of force, the power of weaponry and of technology, the power of threat, the power of manipulation, but little if any understanding of the power of gentleness.Force, weapons, threat, and manipulation all... Read Article

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