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January 2008

The Task for the New Year

    Most people have hope within their hearts on the eve of a new year, and plans and dreams that they vow to bring into fulfillment. With or without New Year's Resolutions, we are tuned to the future and to having the hope that the new year be even better than... Read Article

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Purification and Truth - The Task of Light

    Today, there is much darkness that covers events and people on the world stage - in nations where violence is everywhere and no one is safe, in governments where deception is widespread and honesty barely visible, and among groups of people who are willing... Read Article

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Hope for Personal and Planetary Healing in 2008

    Humanity's time of suffering has been long and difficult, and now a new ray of hope emerges in 2008. God's light has been gradually increasing on the Earth, which has both awakened consciousness to the spiritual dimensions, and has also brought forth a purification... Read Article

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The Human Family - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

    There are pivotal ideas that have changed the destiny of mankind and shaped its future. Many have remained unnoticed within the shadowy corners of history until a bright light has shown on them, illuminating them, and making them relevant to time, place, and... Read Article

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Expanding the Sphere of the Heart

    Many people live within the boundaries of a small sphere of perception and interest. Within this sphere, everything is very real, very meaningful and emotionally penetrating.. What happens within this sphere affects the heart, the mind, and even the body.Included... Read Article

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New Articles and Reflections on the Spiritual Foundations of America

    I generally try to keep the focus of articles that we share here on spiritual life as it pertains to all of us, but the recent US presidential elections are calling to me in my heart. I feel the deep importance of this time, not only for thoe that live in the U.S. but also to all citizens of the world who will be affected by the outcome of these elections. For this reason I'll be sharing new articles that pertain to the spiritual history of the United States. I ask all citizens of the world who feel called to join with me in prayer that the people of the United States awaken in their hearts to the spiritual foundations that the country was founded upon, as One nation, individible, with liberty and justice for all. We are one people, one world, one heart. Amen.

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A Pivotal Time in American History - A Spiritual Perspective

    Today, more than at any other time since its founding, the possibility exists for a new spiritual awakening to take place within America that will bring her back to the integrity and purity of the spiritual principles upon which she was founded.These principles...Read Article

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American Presidential Campaigns: The Need For A New Vision

    The current article is the first part of a series on America's spiritual history and soul-identity. A subject like "America's Presidential Campaigns" that is so 'of the world' might be construed as relating only to political life, but that would be incorrect.... Read Article

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The Trials of Purification - Meeting the Challenge of Spiritual Growth

    Purification is a sacred process that is meant to set mankind free, enabling life to be lived without pain and limitation from the perspective of the soul. It is a process that creates the possibility for individuals and for the Earth of living a sacred life.And... Read Article

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