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October 2007

Losing My Frame of Reference

    I've been feeling unmoored, and at time I suddenly feel quite disoriented. Where am I? Did my consciousness suddenly blink on or off? It's a strange feeling. Then there's the great, huge intensity I've been feeling on so many other levels. My physical body seems to be going through a complete overhaul right now. Every part of me with an ache or a pain has been complaining more loudly then usual.

    I've been blessed with so many healing supports, and most recently I've discovered EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or "tapping". It is a self help technique where you tap on acupuncture meridian points. This really works for all kinds of emotional, mental and physical challenges. The founder of this technique offers their information freely on their website which has a free newsletter and an instruction manual at www.emofree.com. I've been feeling inspired to share more about all the wonderful new healing supports that are available now. Would you find that helpful? I appreciate your feedback.

    Love and blessings,

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The Purpose of Silence

    Long ago, in the days before telephones and wireless communication, there existed a zone of silence in the world that covered the earth with a blanket of peace and quiet. It carried in it the wishes and prayers of those who sought to lead a good life, a holy... Read Article

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Emotional Intensity and the Recurrence of Old Patterns

    Today, the presence of greater spiritual light on earth is affecting the entire planet, and with it, all of her inhabitants. This increased light is not an abstraction, but an energetic phenomenon that influences physical and emotional functioning in much the... Read Article

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The Way of Inner Guidance - Knowing What is True

    For many people, there is a great desire to feel and sense the direction one is being guided in by God and one's higher Self, and yet the inner directive is not always clear, and the path ahead not always discernible. In some cases, this is due to the fact... Read Article

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The New Planetary Consciousness

    The momentum towards a new planetary consciousness has clearly begun in 2007. The many events that have transpired both for individuals, and for humanity as a whole this year, have left a mark of truth imprinted upon the collective consciousness. It is now... Read Article

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The Way of Being Led

    So many, today, are desiring to be led by Divine guidance and intention, and seek to bring their lives into conformity with what God desires. These acts of love and surrender are offered from a heart that is increasingly open to love, both human and Divine,... Read Article

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The Challenge of Manifesting at this Time

    At this very special and momentous time in the Earth's history, many people are awakening spiritually and coming to realize the vast potentials and gifts of living a life in harmony with spirit. An evolutionary shift is happening, and as more people awaken,... Read Article

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Movements of the Heart

    The human heart exists in beauty and in limitation. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is capable of great love, great tenderness, and great vulnerability. It's limitation lies in the same fact. Yet, the limitation of today is the expansion of tomorrow, as... Read Article

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When Two Become One - The Gift of Sacred Marriage

    The gift of sacred marriage is one of God's greatest blessings. In today's world, the understanding of sacred marriage has been limited by concepts and customs that were created in an earlier age. Today, at the cusp of humanity's transformation into a planet... Read Article

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All of Life is Spiritual Life

    Your life as you know it, even now is a spiritual life. Even if you spend not one second thinking about God, your existence as a soul is a living testimony to God's love and goodness. You came from the spiritual realms, to exist here on the Earth in a body,... Read Article

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The Transformation of Spiritual Consciousness

    This new time in the history of planet Earth is creating a transformation of spiritual consciousness that is a quantum evolutionary leap for all of humanity. In times past, spiritual pursuits, spiritual awareness and spiritual growth we largely separate from... Read Article

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Understanding Intense Emotions - How to Manage Today's Heightened Levels of Stress

    Today's world is changing at the most accelerated rates ever, and our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits are all being affected by these larger changes. Have you noticed recently that you're experiencing more intense emotions? Many people are feeling a heightened... Read Article

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