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September 2007

The Spiritual Energy of Ordinary Things

    Each gesture that we make with our physical bodies has an effect that is much more far reaching than would appear.Everything carries vibration, and the vibration of a simple handshake or of a smile carries a spiritual energy that ripples out into the universe... Read Article

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It's Been a Long Time

    I haven't written a personal blog entry for a number of months. During this time I've been very grateful to share Julie's articles here, which have provided me with much spiritual nourishment during a time when I felt quite depleted. I hope you find these helpful as well. After my fall earlier this year, and the extensive healing I needed, that there was little in my heart to share. Since that time I've felt a number of changes both personally and globally. My own process of becoming more grounded and incarnated, which has been my focus for a while now, has progressed. My ankle is healing, it still aches and is mildly swollen but has come a long way. I found some excellent healers including a rehab Chiropractor and a Rolfer, who helped to straighten out my legs and re-balance my physical structure. This was helpful on all levels of my being, not just physically, and I also witnessed many shifts happening in the global energies related to the transformation of the Earth. There has been a consistent stream of spiritual guidance coming through about this which I've been sharing at WorldBlessings.net.

    I've needed to travel quite a bit this year, mostly to address the difficulties I was experiencing both with my injuries and the challenges I've been experiencing related to the very difficult energies present in the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth. I did manage during these trips to visit family, and to greet a new member of our family, my new nephew Liam who was born in August. Isn't he beautiful? That's my hair in front of his face there. He's very spiritually awake, and my brother and his wife are thrilled and honored to have him. During the long times spent away from come, I've come to a new appreciation of where God has situated us, here in the beautiful and unique high desert of central Oregon. I feel a growing relationship with the Earth here, and have a great desire to nourish and support her in any way we can. I hope to share more with you about this, if the energy to write continues. Thanks for visiting!

    Much love,

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Trusting the Opening of Insight and Intuition

    There are many souls who are opening now to a deeper level of knowing and perceiving than generally occurs through the physical senses. Sometimes this knowing comes in the form of internal messages of a verbal kind. Sometimes it comes in the form of wordless... Read Article

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Spiritual and Physical Influences at the Moment of Conception

    The miracle of conception lies in the very fact of the birth of new life, but there is also a miraculous occurrence that occurs in relation to the process by which this new life comes to be.We know that at the moment of conception, out of millions of sperm,... Read Article

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Physical Matter is Transforming

    I've been experiencing some very intense physical symptoms recently, that feel to me related to the greater light that is manifesting on the Earth. The guidance I've been receiving is that our bodies are being more deeply affected by the higher vibrations, so that physical matter itself is transforming. This seems to be true; I've seen this message coming through many different sources. I have so say, the process is extremely uncomfortable!!!

    A lot of my old chronic symptoms are re-surfacing more intensely, especially insomnia and joint pain, at times causing me to feel like I'm 200 years old!! Then there is the exhaustion ... a very deep, profound, total and complete feeling of being unable to move at all. I've always been a person who enjoys activity and so this is particularly distressing to experience right now, when I feel a lot of inspiration and new energy. I've had to simply allow it to be, and try not to feel too bad about "being a vegetable" as I sometimes say to my husband.

    I've also been feeling very disoriented at times. All of a sudden I'm transported into an altered state of consciousness where everything looks and feels brighter and more real. It's a bit frightening at times, so I try to stay grounded by pulling up weeds outside. I've been fascinated by all things physical, as I can see the higher vibrations of light even in the wildlife and trees here. I am amazed to see my newborn nephew's new little body, carrying a higher vibration of light, very much like many of the new children coming to Earth now. I look at my own body and hardly recognize it, as much has been changing for me. It's all a bit unfamiliar!

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Soul Purpose and Intuitions of the Future

    Not everyone would like to know what the future will bring, and from the standpoint of living life to the fullest, it is most useful to live in the present, for the present contains both past and future in an alive and integrated way. Yet, because of the soul-nature... Read Article

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A Drastic Change

    A few days ago, my body let me know in no uncertain terms, that I need to eat meat again. This was a total and complete shock to me on so many levels. I've been a vegetarian on and off since I as a teen ager, which was many, many years ago.

    My last experience eating meat was so long ago I can't remember. In my younger days, my aikido teacher had recommended I eat read meat for strength. I have a kind of airy quality to my body and am always working to be more grounded. This did make a difference, and despite my preference to not eat animals who are my friends, I continued this way for years. As I entered into the process of purification, the meat started to feel too dense and heavy for me. I remember clearly the last time I ate meat in the mid 1990's, and since then I assumed that was the end of it.

    This recent came as a shock to me! I had very mixed feelings, as I could feel the truth of what my body needs, and at the same time felt revolted at the thought, and very sad. I asked for guidance about this and was told that the vibration of the Earth has changed enough that the bodies of animals are no longer as dense, so this would not be a problem for me any longer. I do feel the truth of my body's guidance, as I have been extremely, extremely exhausted and have felt the need for a more complete experience of grounding in my body. Everything I've been doing to ground more has not been enough, and in the one day since I have begun eating meat again I already am feeling more compact, less dispersed, and more energized.

    I have always felt confused about life on Earth. Why do animals need to eat one another? In some part of me that is beyond my personal self, have some innate understanding that God intends even the process of eating another living being to be sacred, if held in the Oneness of God's love. Since beginning this new process I bless the food, give thanks for the life of the animal, and pray for the healing and the strength I need, and for the transformation of my own body and the Earth. This helps me to hold the experience, and I'm still adjusting to this very new experience.

    I'm grateful that we have a source of organic meat here, as I think it would not be possible for me to do this if it was the regular, supermarket variety whose animals are treated so poorly and whose bodies filled with antibiotics. It's important to me to not support places that treat animals badly, and also it's very important to me that the animals can live freely and not cooped up in inhumane conditions.

    I'm amazed at the powerful effect that food has on our bodies. Literally in one day I can feel and see the difference. I also see this change also in my husband, who was guided a few days ago to eat more fruits and vegetables and less starch. Already his body is cleaner and lighter and vibrating with more light. This is truly amazing to me!

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Moving Into Light - The Time of Transition

    The task of becoming conscious and of deepening one's self-awareness is of great importance today. Being attentive to one's inner state has always been essential to a spiritual life, but in the heightened energies that are affecting life on the physical plane... Read Article

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The Pursuit of Rainbows

    Rainbows appeal to everyone because of their surprising beauty, the ethereal quality of their colors, and the fact that they come unannounced and we are taken by surprise by them.These luminous displays of light and color partake of the magnificent and the... Read Article

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