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August 2007

The Relationship of One to Many

    Although all of human history is filled with the advancement of knowledge of the nature of the human ego, its properties and capacities, its assets and its liabilities, the concept of self that has evolved has been but a stage in the progressive revelation... Read Article

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The Tears of the Earth

    The earth's being, like that of a human being, is capable of suffering and of experiencing pain, not in the sense that human beings experience pain through their sensory organs and emotional body, but through the incapacity for light and breath to filter through... Read Article

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The Presence Of Light And The Expression Of Darkness In The World

    When we look at events on the world stage, it is clear that the cruelty and wanton destruction of lives on a scale that seems beyond comprehension continues in many places in the world.We have the choice, when viewing such events, regarding which eyes we want... Read Article

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