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June 2007

The Secret Inner Life of Alzheimer's Disease - A Spiritual View

    The fact that there is a greater incidence today of Alzheimer's disease than in previous centuries has not gone unnoticed by some observers who seek to account for its increased presence among the aging, one that occurs at great personal cost and with grave... Read Article

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Beginning a Spiritual Practice - Creating an Altar

    n altar does not belong to any one religion or practice. It is a place to which one comes to honor the sacred and to deepen one's experience of the sacred. Its purpose is to act as a window to the Divine – to help open the channel of communication to the world... Read Article

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The Psychic and the Spiritual - An Unfolding Reality

    It is common to confuse the 'psychic' and the 'spiritual', for both partake of dimensions that are beyond the visible, physical reality in which we live, and both offer to the mind and imagination a sense of the presence of other worlds that surround the physical... Read Article

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Help Heal the Earth

    On July 17, 2007 there will be a very special global meditation event to help heal the Earth. I feel connected with the spiritual guidance that was given about the importance of this event, and I invite you to participate if you feel a resonance with the message.... Read Article

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The Rose and the Thorn

    The history of man's spiritual evolution can be depicted as a relationship of rose and thorn, traversing a line between sweetness, beauty, and love, and the pangs of hardship and unexpected loss and pain that always seem to counterbalance the sweet fragrance... Read Article

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Letting Go and Why It Is So Difficult

    The heart forms attachments to things, not only because it deems the things it holds onto to be valuable in themselves, but also because in the holding-on process, it acquires a sense of identity as the one who exists in relation to what is being held onto.... Read Article

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Living Without Blame - The Way of Peace

    There are circumstances that arise, today, in which it can feel entirely justifiable to blame others, both on the collective level and on the personal, and yet the energy that we give to blame is not conducive to producing any effect other than to cast us even... Read Article

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