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March 2007

Why The World Cannot Wait

    The world cannot wait for each of us to become part of its planetary body in consciousness as well as in truth. It cannot wait, because the choices we make for consciousness are no longer simply our own, but affect every other being on the planet. This occurs... Read Article

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The Path of the Heart

    The path of the heart is not a spiritual technique or way, it is life itself leading each of us to a greater understanding and experience of what love is and what it is not. It is the passage of time and the movement through space that weaves itself into a... Read Article

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An End to Shame - The Journey of the Soul

    The presence of shame is a reflection of one thing more than any other – the loss of connection with the deeper layers of self so that one's self-perception becomes based on something less real rather than on something that is more real.Shame is an expression... Read Article

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Living as a Soul

    For each of us, to be a ‘self’ means something very personal, very different from every other. And yet there are commonalities. Throughout history, we have defined ourselves in terms of our bodily experiences and the characteristic ways in which we respond... Read Article

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When Giving Is Not Based On Receiving: The Sacred Practice Of Opening The Heart

    There is, within each of us, a heart that is much larger than ordinary human affairs would normally reveal, a heart that can embrace the world because it overflows with love. This heart has not been touched by the pains and disturbances of childhood, nor the... Read Article

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Planetary Ascension

    The earth is going through an ascension at this time into a higher vibration and dimensional awareness. What this means is that she is joining her physical body with the higher frequencies of light so that she can participate in the galactic harmonic of spiritual... Read Article

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America's Tears - The Healing of a Nation

    There is a time for rejoicing when that which has been prophesied in relation to the destiny of an individual or a nation can manifest upon the earth in its beauty and its fullness, and there is a time for tears when that which has brought the promise of a... Read Article

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A Spiritual View of Depression - Living With the Unknown

    There is never a time in life when things are not changing – when one view of reality does not give way before another, or one person whom we are connected with or another does not go through a shift that changes them, or a situation we find ourselves in turns... Read Article

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Global Purification: The Separation of Light and Darkness

    Today, we are immersed in a process of planetary change taking place on the world stage behind events that are often in the news. This process of global purification has, as its goal, the eradication of those areas of darkness within the collective consciousness... Read Article

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What Happens While We Sleep: A Spiritual Perspective

    The body is a miracle of organization and intelligence in which life is continually renewed and energy continually replenished so that the total organism can continue to live. Sleeping involves part of this renewal, and is a process through which the higher... Read Article

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A Spiritual View of Autism

    The value of a spiritual view of autism is that it enables the pain of limitation and helplessness suffered by those who experience significant impairment and those who care for them to be held within a sense of purposefulness and meaning. This can support... Read Article

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Waiting for Someone Else to Change

    We live in a world of relationships in which we are always asking for things and giving things, more of one and less of the other depending on who the 'other' is in our life. With some it is very easy to be generous, tolerant, and forgiving – to create leeway... Read Article

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The Destiny of Nations

    The world of nations comes into existence according to a planfulness that is similar to the incarnation of an individual soul. Thus, a nation is conceived as idea, is born, carries its own vibration upon the earth, and endeavors within the limits of its consciousness... Read Article

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