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February 2007

A Spiritual View of Mental Illness

    The difficulties that occur for the many who carry within themselves severe mental or emotional disturbance are legion, occurring on many levels of experience. This is true for those who are severely depressed, withdrawn, alienated, or involved with an inner... Read Article

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Becoming Light: The Sacred Practice of Alignment

    In the language of light, and with the understanding that life is filled with the mystery of seen and unseen worlds, ‘alignment’ is a practice which allows us to participate in the greater life of the spiritual universe by reaching toward the higher dimensions... Read Article

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Physical Transformation

    I'm experiencing all kinds of change in my body. This kind of acceleration has been going on for a while now. I even felt an influx of light recently, which is an unusual event for this time when everything feels so contracted. I feel more exhaustion, strange pains in my teeth and ears, and I am reacting differently to herbs and medications. For the last few weeks I was getting intense headaches, and recently realized that this was related to one of the sleep aids I was using. I have begun tapering the medication and I feel much better. Better yet, I'm able to sleep without it, which was not the case even a month ago. Along with this movement I've been feeling a lot of old emotional patterns just falling away … kind of miraculous, as some of these have been with me for eons. I've been experiencing heightened purification happening within many people, it has been intense. Guidance continues from many sources on the time of change we are in now, and I've been making preparations. The most recent guidance message New Levels of God's Light speaks of this. This message is still on the public area of our site, and will be here for a while longer so you can read it here at WorldBlessings.net.

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A Spiritual View of Depression: The Boundary of Self

    The line between self and world often appears to be one that is clear and definable, having to do with what is inside and outside of our skin. As a result, when we feel things strongly, we tend to assume that these are our feelings that we are experiencing... Read Article

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Waiting as a Spiritual Practice

    The capacity to wait, despite its very ordinariness, can be a profound spiritual tool with which to dismantle the needs and pressures of both our ego and will. Important in this is the kind of waiting that takes place, for there are many kinds, and not all... Read Article

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Listening Within: The Awakening of Intuition

    We live at a time when the capacity to hear God’s voice speaking within heart and mind has become greater, due to the intensification of light within the physical plane. As a result, even for those who have wandered far away from a spiritual path, the way back... Read Article

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Holding the Light: The Present Nature of Global Purification

    Today, we are witnesses to things that seem unexplainable to the heart or conscience - the violence and widespread chaos and death in Iraq being among the most central. We see things being done to human beings through the agency of other human beings that create... Read Article

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A Spiritual View of Depression: The Light That Shines in the Darkness

    The origin of depression may not be visible at all on an outer level where wealth, family, relationships, and success may all be in place and operating as signs and symbols of a successful life. Yet on an inner level, the inner being can feel bereft of that... Read Article

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The Wisdom Within Depression: A Spiritual View

    If it can be said that there is wisdom to be gained through hardship or suffering that we would not freely choose, then it can also be said that there is deep learning and truth to be gained through the experience of depression in all its many forms . As with... Read Article

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A Spiritual View of Depression

    here are many views today regarding the source of depression, those that involve an understanding of brain chemistry and of neuro-transmitters being among the more popular. Yet, there remains a vast gap between the current way of treating depression as an... Read Article

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Falling Down

    I took a really bad fall down ten steps over the weekend. It was the worse fall I've ever taken, which is saying something given that I spent so many years doing judo and aikido. (which is all about throwing and falling). The only worse injury I've had was from a car accident. Every major joint in my body is bruised and sore, one ankle is badly sprained, and I pulled my back. It is a miracle I am doing as well as I am. I learned a lot in the experience, and it occurred to me yesterday that I will need a lot of bodywork to re-balance my structure, as all the joints are pulled and misaligned. I feel an opportunity in this painful experience for my body to find a new level of grounding. The fall was the result in part of my being ungrounded and not paying enough attention to my physical reality, and it is my prayer that this experience can bring a new level of healing so that I can be fully connected spiritually AND fully embodied on the Earth.

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A Time of New Beginnings

    The way of the world has, until now, been categorized as being opposed to the 'way of Spirit', and it has been said, correctly, with reference to the ego and the Spirit, that "ye cannot serve two masters." But the union of the two worlds is rapidly approaching,... Read Article

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The Beliefs We Teach Our Children: The Next Step

    "A new study in the scientific journal Child Development, Nov./Dec., 2006, shows that if you teach students that their intelligence can grow and increase, they do better in school.About 100 seventh graders, all doing poorly in math, were randomly assigned to... Read Article

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The Christic Seed

    Buried within each individual consciousness is the Christic seed – that aspect of the Christ-consciousness that is God's love, fully present within the center of being to be called upon when the embodied self is ready to allow love to expand and separation... Read Article

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One World: The Movement Toward Unity

    The achievement of unity on a global level cannot happen until the supreme value of love is made known to the hearts of people everywhere. This cannot occur as an idea, but must happen as an experience of truth that speaks to the inner knowing, changing a person... Read Article

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Spiritual Awakening: The Opening of the Way

    The arrival of a new level of spiritual awareness can be as gentle as a slight breeze, in fact, almost beneath the level of our noticing. It can come as a perception of what is not, rather than what is. For example, a pain in the heart that has been there for... Read Article

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The Return of Spring

    The birds have returned after a long winter and I am thrilled to be surrounded by them! Our house has many windows and I am delighted to witness dozens of plump, sturdy high desert robins flying from tree to tree and scratching the ground for food. They are quite fat at this time of year, as it is so chilly here still at night. There is nothing more magical for me than hearing the flap of little wings! We've had clouds and snow, cold weather and just today a little sun peeked through the clouds, reminding me that spring is arriving.

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The Valuing of Simplicity

    Our lives are too busy because we value busyness. If we valued simplicity, our lives would become simple. This may not be apparent on a conscious level, but on an unconscious level our lives follow the Law of Attraction, they manifest what we think and what... Read Article

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