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October 2006

Inner Life

    My practical, day to day life has been filled with such extreme challenge and difficulty. Sometimes I cry from the stress of it all. In the midst of this great intensity, I am noticing another feeling that is growing. It is the feeling of anticipation, excitement and even joy. I know this feeling is coming from my soul or higher self, which is aware of something more than what my physically embodied self can see. I am grateful for this feeling. and for the truth I feel in it.

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    Though my difficulties with energies of darkness have dramatically increased in the last few months, I am feeling an inner sense of joy and anticipation, which seems to be growing stronger each day. I can feel the excitement in my body, and since there is little in my outer life that would product these feelings, I can only assume this is my soul which knows of things that my conscious, everyday self does not. I am very grateful for this experience, which reminds me that there is much more going on than I can presently see.

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    I have been very aware of the enormous blessings in my life, and the feeling of anticipation grows stronger. I recently have been guided to focus on building strength in body, taking care of those low grade chronic problems that I've put up with for a long time. This is difficult for me because of the many challenges I face, but feels very good to be doing.

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Evidence of the Transformation of Consciousness

    I see this everywhere, that we are becoming more of one heart and one mind. It is difficult to perceive directly with all the negativity being purified on the Earth right now, but I periodically come across tangible examples that peek through the clouds. Today I found an amazing blog entry by a teacher who was profoundly inspired by the creative collaboration, synergy and excitement generated in his classroom through the use of wikis! The whole concept behind wikis, and the fact of their existence now is one very significant expression of our transforming consciousness. I was very inspired by his sharing which you can read here. Visit this link

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