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August 2006


    I feel an acceleration of cosmic energies, it is a feeling of intensity, and of great seriousness. I feel the Earth in such movement, with rapidly changing weather. Here in the high desert we went from a 100 degree day to 36 degrees the next night... with high winds some days, adding to the experience of motion. All kinds of difficult events are in the news, and occasionally good news, like the news piece about 22 cities worldwide wortking together to reduce greenhouse emissions. My husband and I are both experiencing major transformation changes in our bodies. The intensity level of my experience at times is so great that I don't know how to get through to the next moment. I've been receiving strong guidance to increase the exposure of WorldBlessings.net, and so have been submiting the site to directories and search engines, and holding the intention that the site go out into the world to where it is most needed. Along with this has come urgent guidance to re-connect with people that I have worked with in business. The guidance feels strong, like a freight train of forward movement in my body. Connecting with loved ones has been enjoyable and precious for me, especially my recent conversation with my friend Lin who I feel very close to always. I reactivated my membership in a few online business communities and I'm enjoying re-connecting with people through these places. Additionally, I've been receiving more guidance in my dreams that has been instrumental both in moving for WorldBlessings.net and my own transformational process. There is great unpredictability now, and a feeling of forward movement despite such enormous difficulties. I feel the Earth waiting, and my soul happy at times (when I am not suffering) because I feel some kind of change imminent, that will open greater light on the Earth and in my own life.

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Another Connection

    After just finishing my last blog entry, I read the newest "energy alert" from What's Up on Planet Earth, which was written August 2. The author describes her own experience of what I've been feeling in the last few days, of a marked increase in negative energies. I was pretty amazed to read this.

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Cleaning Out

    The most recent Daily Blessings message encouraged us to prepare for a new time, and had several practical recommendations. (You can see the message here: Strengthening Light. ) This weekend I found myself with some capacity to clean things up on our land and in our house. I wasn't thinking of the Daily Blessings guidance when this happened, but only afterwards.

    We have over 4 acres here in the high desert, and there are areas that have small bits of trash left by the previous owners, or dropped by people driving by, that we've working to remove when we can . Additionally, there were two grave sites left by previous owners, one of which was a memorial. When we first bought the house I was touched by the memorial, which contained pictures of the dog, and of the dog with a little girl, some artificial flowers and leaves, and a wooden cross which said "Our Friend At Rest". Their love was evident and so we felt to leave it there.

    Recently I've noticed that the land around the grave site was in a lower vibration than the rest of the land. Yesterday I felt an energy wave of inspiration, I could feel it was time to respectfully remove the graves. I stood at the grave site in prayer, not knowing what I would say, but eventually words came. I gaved thanks to God for the beautiful dog that lived here, and for the joy he brought to the people that lived here with him. I asked that the spirit of the dog be enabled to move forward into the next steps of his journey, and that my husband and I, and our land here be enabled to move forward to the next steps of our journey. During the prayer I felt a noticeable shift vibrationally in the Earth. It was a suprise to me. As I began removing one by one, the pieces of wood and the objects that marked the gravesites, I could feel the presence of the spirit of the dog. He seemed happy to be more free, and I saw him in my inner vision, scampering off happily to be with his family. I was grateful for this, and when I was finished I went back to the gravesites and completed the prayer, and rearranged the earth so that the site could become integrated with the rest of the land.

    Today I was very surprised to notice more light radiating from our land. My husband and I were quite exhausted today, and guidance came to let us know that the greater light that had opened yesterday was creating the exhaustion and the need to rest. Another parallel experience is happening with this. I'm having vision of a new time here in the house ... furniture arranged differently, the house being used in a new way. That gives me comfort, and I am grateful to God for this. I've been blessed often during times of transition to be given intuitive senses of these things. For example, about a year before we received guidance to move to Oregon, I began seeing, in my inner vision, my husband driving around in a new area. I couldn't sense anything else except that we would be living somewhere else. Then this feeling got stronger, and as we would walk around Amherst near where we were living at the time, I'd feel something really clear telling me we'd be leaving. It was many months later that we received a clear instruction, to move to Oregon, though there was no timeline given, and that it was not yet time to take action. And then 6 months after this, we were told that it was time to make preparations to move. I am very grateful for how God has guided us in the past, and for how we are being guided in the present...

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Invisible Progress

    There are so many positive changes happening invisibly that I am aware of, both in myself and in the world. Today I found this article Affordable Solar Homes which spoke about the progress being made towards creating energy efficient homes that more people can afford. The other day I came about a prayer site called SacredSpace.ie, which was created by Irish Jesuits. The site helps people to pray and meditate each day, and has had over 20 million visits since the site began. There are photos of some of the people who created the site, and I was touched to see the love and light shining in their faces. These kinds of things remind me that there is more going on than the darkness and destruction that I see and feel in the world.

    I also noticed today as I was out walking in the high desert that not only do I see and feel more of God's light in the Earth and on the Earth, but that I notice a change in my own perception of the Earth. This came after I found an article on the Light Omega site called The Perspective on Oneness which affected me deeply. I read it over and over. Since that time, when I walk on the land and see all the different desert plants, animals, insects, and trees, there is an intuitive, body level experience I am a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of me, that we are together in a divine, wordless mystery. The diversity of life that I see doesn't take away from the experience but rather enhances it. I'm grateful for this experience, as I have been puzzled for so long by the spiritual truth that we are all One. I have sensed the truth of it but never experienced it as a reality.

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Last entry for a while

    I'm taking a break from writing in this blog for a while, at least until early September. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share here when I can. The impetus and guidance to write changes with the flow of my own experience. I have learned to trust my inner sense of inspiration, or where my energy needs to go at any given time, even though I am also reluctant to fully trust this when it means taking a break from those things that are meaningful for me. The spiritual guidance I've been receiving helps me to understand better what is happening right now in the bigger picture of things, and this brings me some comfort. I look forward to sharing here again as soon as I can. I wish you peace, comfort and love.

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